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Applied Computer Engineering (ACE) is the publisher of GridSTAT (GridSTAT Pro), an integrated geostatistical reservoir characterization, modeling, and seismic inversion software. GridSTAT, running on PC Windows or Unix workstations, is a powerful tool to

Where to perforate? Where to infill drill? Where is the oil or gas reserve? How are the sands connected? What is the porosity or velocity between wells? How to use seismic to predict sand or porosity? How reliable is the prediction? How to compare geological prediction with production data? Need to prepare a good geological model with seismic and well data for reservoir simulation and the project must be completed in a few months or a few weeks? GridSTAT can help.

ACE provides software, training, consulting services, and other services.

ACE has main office in Houston, regional office in Beijing, and growing number of regional representatives.

A partial list of our clients include:

Andina, BEG, BP, ChevronTexaco, CNOOC, CNPC, CNSPC, Coastal, El Paso, Frontera Resources, KerrMcGee, ONGC, Pecom Energia, PetroChina, ResTech, RIPED, SINOPEC, TotalFinaElf, Ultra Petroleum, UNOCAL, YPF, etc.

In our consulting projects, our predictions of new wells have been verified by drilling, up to 1000 ft from existing wells or up to 5km from existing wells with seismic data.

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